No Air

Here in Florida August and September are usually the hottest months in the summer. However, this past week instead of living upstairs in my loft. I’ve been residing in the guest room since my A/C broke. I have high hopes that my dad will have it running back in time next week as I head back to Seminole State.
As temporary living goes in the guest room…it’s really not all that bad.


Today was our last family trip to Disneyland for the summer! I’m pretty sure my favorite part of the day was watching Ashtyn on the teacups :) It’s crazy how much time we have spent at this place and Ashtyn and I will continue our visits all year. It’s even crazier to think that I will be bringing TWO little ones to the park in the near future!

We decided to do our gender reveal at Disneyland as soon as we find out! We’re really excited :)