Imagine you’re just sitting in the hospital, or a retirement home, or perhaps at your house, about the age of 90, and your sitting around, knowing you don’t have much time left. You accept this fact into your life, and then you hear a “knock.” You turn to see where this knocking is coming from, and it’s the window, but it’s not really knocking. It’s pecking. There is a beautiful white owl pecking at your glass window. You then notice something odd, there’s a letter. A letter is inside of its beak, or it’s grabbed it with its feet, or tied around its leg, and you don’t believe it. This was just a tale you loved when you were younger, but deep down you know you never stopped believing in it. You open the window, and it swoops in, lands gently next to you, and gives you the letter. You open it, and it reads the following. “Hello there (of course, it says your name), we are terribly sorry that this has taken so long. During the war, Lord Voldemort had destroyed every file on muggle-born wizards he could find, hoping to rid of them. Many have been found, but some are still out there, the lost muggle-borns. We are happy to say that we have finally discovered your identity as a witch or wizard, whichever you like. It’s been a long time, we know, and we hope we can repay you anyway we can. This owl right here is named Hedwig, after the savior of our world’s own owl (or maybe this is Hedwig herself, who survived the war). We hope you will give him a letter with your response. And we would love for you to come visit Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Maybe you’re too old to be a student, but it would be the highest honor still for you to come to platform 9 3/4 at precisely 11 o’clock AM on September the 1st, because no matter your age, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. -Headmistress Jo Rowling” and you just sit there, laughing and crying all at once, but mostly laughing while you write your reply and hand it to Hedwig, and watch her fly away.

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